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Which Social Media Platform Topped Your List Then and Now?

by Beauty Expert Rachel Lee 27 Nov 2023


Hello, lovely readers! 🌟

It's amazing how fast the digital world changes, isn't it? As we scroll, post, and share, our preferences also shift. A platform that was once our digital home might now be a place we visit occasionally, and vice versa.

A year ago, where did you spend most of your online hours? Was it Instagram, showing off those chic hairstyles and our fabulous hair clips? Or maybe TikTok, mastering the art of the 60-second hairdo tutorial? And now, has your favorite digital hangout spot shifted to another platform?

The beauty of social media is its ever-evolving nature. New features, algorithms, and even new platforms can pop up, transforming our online experiences overnight. Yet, amidst these changes, one thing remains consistent: our love for sharing and connecting.

So, spill the beans! Which platform had your heart a year ago, and which one is the reigning champion now? We're curious to know if it's the same or if another platform has stolen the spotlight.

And while you're at it, why not share a snap of your favorite hair clip from our collection on your preferred platform? Tag us, and let's reminisce and celebrate the now together!

Until next time, keep shining and sharing! ✨

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