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What are 5 Must-Try Hairstyles for Coarse Hair in 2024?

by Beauty Expert Rachel Lee 23 Jan 2024


In the ever-evolving world of hair fashion, 2024 has brought fresh and exciting trends, especially for those with coarse hair. This type of hair, known for its thick texture and voluminous appearance, can be both a blessing and a challenge. But fear not, as the right hairstyle can truly bring out the beauty of coarse hair. Here are five must-try hairstyles for coarse hair, perfectly complemented by our range of hair clips and accessories.

The Textured Bob:

This classic cut has been reinvented for coarse hair. By adding layers, it reduces bulk and brings out natural curls or waves. Accentuate this look with a statement hair barrette on one side to add a touch of elegance.

The High Bun with Accessories:

Perfect for a sophisticated yet effortless look. Use our Aurora pins to secure the bun while adding a sparkle that catches the eye.

Braided Crown:

Ideal for longer hair, this style keeps hair neatly away from the face while showcasing its texture. Intersperse small hair clips along the braid for a whimsical touch.

Half-Up, Half-Down Do:

This versatile style works for any occasion. Use a hairpin to secure the top half and let the rest flow freely, showcasing the hair's natural body.

The Sleek Ponytail:

Straighten your hair for a sleek look and then pull it back into a high ponytail. Use a hair accessory to wrap around the base for an added flair.

In 2024, your coarse hair is not just a trait but a canvas for creativity. With these hairstyles and the right hair clips and accessories, you can transform your look effortlessly while embracing the natural beauty of your hair.

Expanding on our discussion about hairstyles for coarse hair, let's delve deeper into why these styles are not just trends but essential choices for embracing and managing this unique hair type in 2024. Coarse hair, with its distinct texture and volume, requires styles that not only look good but also maintain hair health.

Maintaining Moisture:

Coarse hair often struggles with moisture retention. Styles like the Textured Bob or the Half-Up, Half-Down Do allow for easy application of hydrating products. Hair accessories like clips and barrettes can be functional in keeping hair in place while applying treatments.

Reducing Breakage:

Styles such as the Braided Crown or the High Bun help in reducing hair breakage. By keeping hair neatly styled, these methods minimize the stress on hair strands. Using hairpins and soft hair ties can further protect the hair from damage.

Versatility and Ease:

Coarse hair requires styles that can adapt to various occasions without much hassle. The Sleek Ponytail, for instance, offers a quick yet elegant look suitable for both professional settings and casual outings. Using a chic hair accessory to embellish the ponytail can elevate this simple style.

Embracing Natural Texture:

Coarse hair is beautiful in its natural state. Styles like the Textured Bob celebrate this texture, giving a modern and edgy look. Adding a hair barrette or clip can complement the natural waves or curls, adding a personalized touch to the style.

Fashion and Functionality:

Hair accessories are not just fashion statements; they are functional tools that can manage and maintain hairstyles. From securing a High Bun to adding a decorative touch to a Braided Crown, accessories like hair clips, barrettes, and pins play a crucial role.

In conclusion, styling coarse hair in 2024 is about combining aesthetics with practicality. It's about choosing styles and accessories that enhance the natural beauty of the hair while ensuring its health and manageability.

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