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Vanilla, Chocolate, or Unicorn? How Do Hair Clips Match Your Ice Cream Mood?

by Beauty Expert Rachel Lee 20 Oct 2023


Hello sweet-toothed beauties! 🍦

Summer is here, and with it comes that eternal question: Which ice cream flavor are you scooping into? Are you a classic vanilla enthusiast, a die-hard chocolate lover, or someone who loves to explore exotic flavors like lavender or matcha?

But here's another fun question - ever thought of pairing your favorite ice cream flavor with a hair clip? Imagine enjoying a deep, velvety scoop of chocolate ice cream while flaunting a lustrous dark-brown hair clip. Or maybe you're trying out a unicorn swirl flavor – how about pairing it with a glittery, multi-colored clip?

The combinations are endless, and the fun is just beginning! Much like choosing an ice cream flavor, selecting the right hair clip is all about expressing your mood, your style, and your taste.

Next time you head out for a cone, try coordinating with one of our themed hair clips. Turn heads not just with your icy treat, but also with your fabulously matched hair accessory. What’s your favorite flavor and which hair clip would you pair it with?

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