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Travel Tribe or Solo Soiree: Which Journey Calls to You?

by Beauty Expert Rachel Lee 25 Aug 2023


Hello to our jet-setting hair clip aficionados! 

The call of the open road (or sky) beckons every traveler differently. For some, it's the laughter and shared moments with a group that makes the journey. For others, the allure of solo adventures and self-discovery is irresistible. As we curate our hair clip collections to suit every style, we're curious: How do you prefer to see the world?

Group Grooves : There’s magic in collective memories. Travelling with a tribe – be it friends or family – can lead to synchronized excitement, group photos, and shared costs. Picture this: roaming the cobblestone streets of Rome, flaunting our vintage-inspired hair clip, while your group debates the next gelato stop. 

Solo Serenades: Ah, the freedom to forge your own path. Solo travel offers introspection, flexibility, and perhaps, more authentic interactions. Visualize wandering the vibrant markets of Marrakech, a bohemian clip holding back your windswept hair, as you decide on a whim to join a pottery class.

Each journey, whether solo or group, carries its own rhythm, stories, and of course, hair clip moments! Our question to you, lovely travelers, is this: Do you lean into group giggles or solo serendipities?

Drop your travel preferences and your go-to hair clip styles in the comments. After all, every adventure deserves a touch of hair clip glamour!

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