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The Power of Networks An Introvert's Journey to Social Connection

by Beauty Expert Rachel Lee 03 Jul 2023

Social Connection


Embracing My Introverted Self: A Personal Voyage

Is it just me or have you also noticed how crucial networks have become in our lives? The power of connection is indeed something worth contemplating!

Like many of you, I am on a self-discovery journey and recently got hooked on the MBTI personality types, a concept that's creating quite a buzz among our Korean friends. Ever wondered where you fit in? Personally, I identify as an introverted, feeling Type I and Type F.

Being an introvert, I've always cherished solitude, often losing myself in a book or a peaceful stroll. The thought of social gatherings would typically set off my hermit mode! But my hair clip business nudged me into a more social sphere, helping me expand my network.

Interestingly, my introverted nature often leads me to retreat when I find myself amidst more than three people. With smaller groups, though, I am more open, spontaneous, and forthcoming. Yet, I've learned to embrace my introversion and the unique strengths it offers.

Navigating the Torrent of Information

In our connected world, with each gathering we attend, we get access to an overwhelming volume of information. It can often feel like wading through a torrent of data, leaving us puzzled about what to pick and what to leave.

The key, I've found, is genuine connection. By reaching out to others from a place of authenticity and generosity, we not only build relationships but also derive immense joy from the act of sharing.

The Joy of Sharing: Building Genuine Connections

Remember this nugget from one of my favorite classes: "Treat everyone as if you have something to lose, and you'll avoid trouble." While you might not always get back everything you give, you stand to gain much more, in terms of experiences, insights, and joy. Best-selling books also affirm that 'givers' often have a higher likelihood of success than 'takers.'

So, here's hoping you build a fulfilling network that not only supports your journey but also fills your life with happiness and success!

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