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If Your 15-Year-Old Self Chose Your Hair Clip, What Would It Say?

by Beauty Expert Rachel Lee 04 Oct 2023


Hey lovely clip enthusiasts! 💖✨

Growing up, we all had our unique fashion flairs, some we fondly reminisce and some we laugh about. But today, let's take a moment to muse: If you could tell one thing to your 15-year-old self, what words of wisdom or encouragement would you share? And, just for fun, how would that translate into the style of hair clip you’d wear?

Maybe you'd tell your younger self to embrace their natural curls, represented by a free-spirited, boho feathered clip.

Or perhaps you'd share the importance of self-confidence, symbolized by a bold, statement-making geometric clip.

For those who'd whisper words of patience, a delicate, intricate lace-inspired clip might be the fitting emblem.

Share your nuggets of wisdom and the corresponding clip style in the comments! It's a journey of self-reflection and a celebration of personal growth.

Remember, every hair clip tells a story, and sometimes, it’s a tender note from the past, cheering you on.

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