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Gift Giving or Getting: Which Warms Your Heart More?

by Beauty Expert Rachel Lee 01 Sep 2023


Hey there, lovely fashionistas and hair clip enthusiasts! 

Today, we're diving into a timeless debate that comes around every holiday, birthday, and just because - would you rather give a gift or get one? Let's untangle the sentiments behind both!

Giving a Gift:

There's an undeniable joy in finding that perfect present for someone. You know, that moment when your heart flutters, and you think, "This is the one!" For our hair clip devotees, it might mean selecting a handcrafted clip that aligns perfectly with someone's style, and then witnessing their eyes light up upon unwrapping. There's a pure, altruistic feeling attached to giving, one that can often outweigh even the grandest of gifts received.

Getting a Gift:

Ah, the thrill of surprise! That beautiful blend of curiosity, gratitude, and sometimes, giddy childlike excitement as you tear into a carefully wrapped package. If you're anything like us, receiving a shiny new hair clip - especially one you've been eyeing for a while - can be the highlight of your day. It’s not just about the material gift, but the sentiment and thought behind it.

Both are delightful feelings, each with its own kind of magic. So, which camp do you fall into? Is it the selfless joy of gifting that gets you, or the wonderful whirlwind of emotions when you receive?

Chime in below, and remember, whether you're gifting or hoping to receive, our collection has the perfect clip to encapsulate every emotion!

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