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Embracing New Skills for My Aurora Pin Hair Clip Business

by Beauty Expert Rachel Lee 31 Jul 2023
sashimi bowl image
(An image of the sashimi I had for lunch today, generated using MidJourney)

Hello to all our hair clip enthusiasts out there!

Remember how exhilarating it was to try new things when we were younger? Well, that adventurous spirit is what led me back into the workforce after a 15-year break. I plunged into learning video editing for my Aurora Pin hair clip business, confident in my ability to grasp new computer skills quickly. But the journey was more challenging than I expected!

Classrooms filled with twenty-somethings, technologies updating at the speed of light, and artificial intelligence buzzwords flying around - it was a whole new world. But instead of getting disheartened, I decided to learn from these young minds. Their fresh perspectives, shared over meals or cups of coffee, became my guiding light.

Traveling across South Korea, meeting young professionals on similar paths, I found new energy and a renewed passion for learning. I saw in them the potential of my own high-school-aged children and learned from them valuable lessons on raising successful adults.

Writing this blog post became a test of all the skills I had gathered. From drafting in ChatGPT, translating with DeepL, creating and managing images with MidJourney, Upscalemedia, Photoshop, and Tinypng - every step was a new triumph!

Yes, it took longer than it might for the tech-natives of the younger generation, but the sense of accomplishment was worth every extra minute. Age, as I discovered, is no barrier to learning, growing, and moving forward. We just need to keep our minds young, our spirits positive, and never stop growing!

Wishing you all the best in your own learning journeys, and don't forget to check out our dazzling Aurora Pin hair clips. Until next time, keep learning, keep growing, keep shining!

Stay curious and stay chic!
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