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Cash in Hand: Are You Team Save or Team Spend?

by Beauty Expert Rachel Lee 07 Sep 2023


Hello to our glamorous Hair Clip Haven family!

Today, let’s dive into a topic that’s as timeless as our favorite hair clip styles: the age-old debate of saving vs. spending. Are you the one who diligently stashes away those pennies for a rainy day? Or do you believe in living in the moment, treating yourself when the mood strikes?

Team Save:

If you're in this camp, you're all about the future. Perhaps you get a thrill from watching those numbers grow in your bank account, or maybe you're saving up for something big, like a dream vacation or a down payment on a home. Just like how a hair clip is an investment in your style, saving is an investment in your future.

Team Spend:

Now, if you resonate more with this side, you're likely someone who lives for today. Seeing something you adore, like a dazzling hair clip from our latest collection, and buying it on the spot? That's your kind of thrill! Because, after all, life is happening right now, and there's a certain joy in celebrating its little moments.

Of course, the sweet spot might be somewhere in the middle – a blend of saving wisely while allowing yourself those occasional indulgences. But we’re curious: Which side do you lean towards more?

Share your thoughts with us below! And whether you're saving up for that exclusive hair clip set or splurging on a spontaneous buy, always remember to shine your brightest!

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