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Are Hair Clips Best as a Starter or the Finishing Touch?

by Beauty Expert Rachel Lee 18 Sep 2023


Hey gorgeous fashion lovers! 💇‍♀️

Every time we style our hair, there’s a little debate that goes on: do we start with the hair clip or save it for the last? It's the eternal question for those who love their hair accessories: are you a starter or a finisher?

For the 'starters' out there,

choosing a hair clip at the beginning of the styling process can set the tone for the entire look. If you're rocking a bold, sparkly clip, you might opt for a more subdued outfit, allowing the hair accessory to take center stage. The clip becomes the foundation, the piece around which everything else revolves.

But then, there are the 'finishers'.

Those of us who like to get the hair just right, perfect the outfit, and then – like the cherry on top of a sundae – pick the perfect clip to pull it all together. For finishers, the hair clip is the encore, the final flourish that completes the masterpiece.

So, where do you stand in this stylish debate? Do you kick off your styling routine with that killer clip or let it have the last word? Share your thoughts below! Whichever camp you belong to, just remember: every look is incomplete without the perfect clip!


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